Complexities of a family..

My parents celebrate their golden wedding anniversary next week. A smart lunch at a country house.

Today’s question, “Will she or won’t she attend?” I know that the answer has been no for several weeks. However her mind can be changed, subject to the condition that her father also attends.

This evening my parents are going to discuss what may change her mind with her and her brother. They have been forewarned that this is an option and this option has thrown my mother into a spin. On the one hand she doesn’t want my ex present but, she is desperate for my daughter to attend.

I know the reason my daughter won’t attend is as a result of the relationship she has with my ex. Although she obviously believes it is because she hates me and wants nothing to do with me. My son feels that there is no reason why my ex shouldn’t attend as he is their father!! He told me this whilst chatting with me and was kind when I tried to explain it was not my choice but my parents’.

I have swallowed my own feelings and offered my parents carte blanche to do what they feel is most appropriate. I have said it makes no difference to me. I will wait and see but can’t help feeling that the power he held over me during our 24 year relationship still exists.

Jamie Lawson’s whole album says so much , this one particularly.




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