She becomes an adult…

My daughter is 18 years old this week. It is 18 months since she decided to shut me out of her life completely.

During that time my son has returned, he has seen through the fog created in their home and has navigated a way between the rock and the hard place. He fills me with joy with every conversation text or call. He challenges my thoughts, which gives an insight into how fragile his lack of alignment is.

I am “not allowed” to send a birthday card due to the instructions and threats I have received in relation to the suggestion.

“You are the reason her mental health is like this, don’t make it worse.”

“If you send it you will risk her chances of speaking to you further.”

“If you send that card after what Dad has explained then you are not listening to me.”

My current thinking is that I will give the card to her brother and he can decide when she receives it. Because she then can’t say I didn’t bother. i continue to step on eggshells around the pair of them for fear of making the situation worse. But, how can it be worse? My own daughter wants nothing to do with me as a result of the bitterness and insecurities of the man I married.

Happy birthday my darling girl, know that I will always be here for you, waiting. There is nothing to forgive, just love to receive. Please have the strength to leave home and learn that you are not responsible for how your father feels.

I love you ❤ ❤ Mum x






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